Pickled eggs – my secret recipe

When I had a catering business many years ago it became obvious that citizens of a certain city in the West of England loved pickled eggs and especially at Christmas.

I used to sell jars of pickled eggs to the landlord of the pub I worked in and they sold in large quantities. People started to ask me for jars of them so they could eat them at home and at Christmas I’d make at least 30 dozen – 360 eggs boiled and peeled then hanging round the house until they were ready to sell!

People would often ask what the recipe was because they couldn’t define the taste. One woman sat at the bar one day and ate four eggs while trying to guess the ingredients. She was wrong every time. Now I am going to share the secret with you. Prepare to be amazed.

I used to use a gallon of distilled malt vinegar in a massive saucepan but you can scale down the size to fit your pan. Remember that you should only fill the pan about a third of the way up.

Pour a gallon of distilled malt vinegar (or clear non-brewed condiment) into a huge sauce pan and add to it the following:

  • a dozen black pepper berries
  • 6 white pepper berries
  • a medium dried chilli
  • 3 whole cloves

Bring the mix almost to the boil and leave it to simmer for 15 minutes then wait until it’s cool. Put it in a sterilised jar and leave it to one side.

The next day hard boil some eggs, peel them when cool and put them in a sterilised jar when they are cold. Pour the vinegar over the top and leave them for three weeks.

I hate pickled eggs but I’m told these are fantastic. You decide.